Bachata Sensual World Congress 2021

From January 8th to 10th 2021

After many requests, the brand behind creating this beautiful dance style has joined forces to create a one-of-a-kind event, with Bachata Sensual as main headliner. The Bachata Sensual World Congress (BSWC) will take place the second weekend of January in the international capital of Bachata Sensual, Barcelona.

An event that will last from Friday to Monday where you will have the opportunity to learn from the best worldwide artists and pioneers of Bachata Sensual, as well as world reference dancers from Salsa and Zouk. And, future stars from these latin dances.

An event put together by the greatest brands of this international scene; VdanceClub, Bachata Stars, Sensual Teams, X-15 Media, Dance 4 Union, Dance Travel.

Quality training, amazing artists, and great parties.

All shows from these talented international and national artists will be showcased during the 3 nights as well as shows from all Sensual Teams from all over the world.

The event’s acceptance so far has been a huge success, we expect being sold out before the event itself. Do not miss out!